Hazel Pittman Center

 Has alcohol or other drug use interfered with your daily living? Have other people in your life told you that you have a problem? The staff at the Hazel Pittman Center is dedicated to helping residents of Chester County and surrounding areas find recovery.

Just Plain Killers

According to JustPlainKillers.Com, 4 out of 5 herion users started with prescription pain pills. Check out for more information on how South Carolina is fighting back against the opiate epidemic that is sweeping our nation.

The Blunt Truth

According to the 2016 Communities That Care Survey, over 50% of Chester youth feel that there is little to no harm associated with smoking marijuana. The Blunt Truth SC Task Force offers resources about the laws and health risk associated with teen marijuana use in SC.

SC Tobacco-Free Collaborative

According to the SC Tobacco-Free Collaborate, 7,200 South Carolinian's die from tobacco use each year! In addition to this startling number, another 3,900 kids in SC become smokers each year. For more information on the toll tobacco has on our state click here.

SC Out Of Their Hands

According to the SC Out of Their Hands website 63% of South Carolina teens reported having had at least one alcoholic beverage over the course of their life time. For information on how to talk to youth about the dangers of underage drinking click here.

MADD South Carolina

Since 1980, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has remained committed to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support victims of drunk drivers, and prevent underage drinking. For more information about this organization and their work in South Carolina click here.