About Our Campaigns


In 2015 alone, there were 15 traffic fatalities in Chester County, over half which were the result of a drunk driver. On average, 27 people die EVERY DAY across the United States due to drunk driving. 

Through high visibility enforcement, the ECHO DUI Task Force hopes to reduce the number of alcohol related traffic fatalities throughout our county.

Click here to see a sample of some of the Social Marketing Campaigns used to deter drinking and driving in Chester County.

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Underage Drinking

49% of Chester Seniors have reported using alcohol in their lifetime. Even more startling is that 12% of those students have reported riding in a car with an intoxicated person within the past MONTH. 

Through compliance checks, saturation patrols, merchant education classes, and social media campaigns, The ECHO DUI Task Force is committed to fighting the underage drinking problem in Chester county. 

Click here to see a sample of the underage drinking campaigns that we currently have going on in Chester County.

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Prescription Take Back

A staggering 2.5 million Americans have used prescription drugs for purely recreational reasons. Even more shocking is the fact that 70% of youth who abuse prescription drugs get them straight from the medicine cabinet of family or friends!

To combat this growing epidemic, the ECHO DUI Task Force conducted a Prescription Take Back day on October 28, 2017. 

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